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Do you want to blow mold a wide variety of batch sizes of different bottle packaging flexibly, quickly, and cost-effectively? With the new HESTA blow molding machines of the HG & HGD series, you are well equipped for any job and have the greatest possible flexibility up to 8 or 2×8 bottles per cycle.

For example, you can run a high-volume order with the highest possible number of nests. Precisely, economically and, depending on requirements, also just-in-time - with minimized warehousing. Shortly afterwards, you can produce articles of larger dimensions with a reduced number of nests. And in between - thanks to fast, simple die changes - there are only short setup times. In this way, you achieve low unit costs with flexible production and optimized capacity utilization.

The advantages for you:

  • High flexibility due to fast mold change: from 1-cavity to 8-cavity molds
  • High output for both large and small batch sizes
  • High article quality due to new HESTA hose heads
  • Energy-saving, high-performance extruder with unique extruder drive worldwide
  • Short changeover times due to directly flanged masks
  • Long service life with precise mold guidance due to open clamping system with direct

   Closing force application without bending stress on the guide rails

  • Safe one-sided discharge of the tested bottles by means of two-station masks on the mold in the single-station version, left & right in the double-station machine, or also one-sided directional with height-adjustable conveyor belt.
  • Variable transfer options to the subsequent stations
  • Low adjustment effort, as no transport rails are required
  • Can be universally equipped with aftercooling station, circle cutter and bottle tester
  • Convenient machine operation
  • Low space requirement due to very compact, open design with good accessibility
  • Favorable price-performance ratio with high quality new HESTA-.

For heating everything: Our universal extruder

The universal extruder is arranged horizontally. Patented interchangeable feed bushes that can be removed from the side facilitate and shorten the set-up times. The extremely time-consuming disassembly of the extruder drive and the subsequent pressing out of the feed bush is completely eliminated with new HESTA! This makes it the only true four-sided extruder in the world and allows the use of all blowable materials, in powder or pellet form, with or without the addition of regrind. By means of a speed control, the cycle time of the machine can be kept constant. Depending on the material, appropriate screws, with or without mixing section, are used. The unique extruder drive is not only energy-saving but is driven by four individual motors. This makes it easy to replace a single motor, and also allows emergency operation or operation with reduced power while simultaneously repairing a single motor.

Our wall thickness control:

The electronic wall thickness control with maintenance-free crank drive is mounted directly on the extruder, which means that it remains on the machine even when the head is changed, allowing the shortest possible set-up times and low acquisition costs for an additional parison head. The wall thickness is pre-programmed with 100 points over the entire tube length, this can be done manually or also drawn in, the time sequence automatically adapts to the cycle time of the blow molding machine.

Our hose head:

A finely graduated selection of hose heads is available, in single or multiple, mono or multi-layer, mandrel, quill or helix design, for all common nozzle spacings. Our unique Vario heads can be retrofitted from the original mono head to sight strip or DeCo2 head by replacing a feed plate. This flexible and inexpensive retrofit is unique worldwide.

Hose knife:

Cold and hot cutting systems are available for cutting the hose, these are pneumatically driven, but can also be extended by our unique electric high-speed knife. With a speed of up to 12 m/s, this knife cuts the hose before it is affected. This reduces the folding of the hose to a minimum. The portfolio is rounded off by our hose closing and cutting device with controlled supporting air. Immediately after the hose cutting process, the extruder is lifted in the head area by means of a maintenance-free crank drive, whereby the feed hopper or any conveying equipment placed on top remain unaffected by the unique ball cup and do not move.

Airy in shape: Blowheads

With the universal blow head, economical and time-saving multiple blowing is possible - from 1-cavity to 8-cavity. The number of individual pre-assembled blow pins depends on the number of mold cavities. Calibration is performed electrically with a maintenance-free crank drive with 30kN calibration force. The universal blow head is safely guided on both sides; the patented calibration cushion ensures simple 0-point calibration of the blow pin height to the knock-off edge in the mold, and reproducible set calibration force for each cycle. The universal blow head allows for 1-up to 8-up blowing. It can be set up for all available nozzle spacings via positional locating grooves. Large cross-sections provide sufficient air volume. The blow pins are water-cooled up to the tip. It is also possible to provide an inclined calibration.

Courted transportation:

The blown articles are removed from the blow mandrel by masks attached directly to the blow mold and transferred to the downstream station in one plane, eliminating the need for alignment and setup and saving extreme setup times. With double masks, a further downstream station (e.g. for leak testing) can be served. During transport, the hollow bodies are well cooled and the output rates are increased. Neck and base slugs, as well as handle waste, are removed by pneumatic punching cylinders.

new HESTA's unique tool change concept:

As a new feature, the machine has a patented blow molding and deflashing system. The main mold parts, such as the base mold/mask and punches, can be exchanged with minimum effort and without readjustment during the next makeready process. The transfer masks, which are designed for several subsequent stations, are attached directly to the associated blow mold halves. The mold parts required for post-treatment fit with maximum precision into the standardized receptacles on the machine side. This makes it possible to exchange both the blow molding mask unit and the mold parts in the downstream stations from machine to machine with minimum effort and without readjustment during a new setup process. The blow molds are pre-assembled in their mounts so that they can be easily and quickly installed during mold changes. Thanks to this modern die change technology, changeover times are significantly reduced, setup work and the one-time setting of die cutting tools are simplified, and thus the overall degree of utilization is increased. The machine is equipped with the proven2-circuit cooling system with direct cooling water supply via the clamping plates and O-ring sealing.

Open and closed, back and forth: The locking system

The open C-frame clamping system with two tie bars at the bottom has a continuously adjustable clamping force up to 120 kN and is also driven by a maintenance-free crank drive, as well as adjustable die opening travel. The tie bars are not subject to any bending stresses and therefore provide precise guidance of the clamping platens. A unique feature is the recirculation of the cooling water through the tie bars themselves. The patented clamping cushion allows you to calibrate the mold thickness of +- 5 mm fully automatically, the clamping force can also be optimally adjusted to your article in the set-up mode. Human error adjustments are excluded with new HESTA. If the machine detects a minimal deviation during production, it immediately performs an automatic set-up and adjusts the clamping force. The blow mold is freely accessible. The lightweight design results in low masses and thus short cycle times. Two separate cooling circuits are available in each clamping platen. The integrated cooling circuit connection through the clamping platens not only makes a major contribution to quick changeover, but also eliminates the possibility of missing connections. To facilitate mold changing, an additional door is attached to the side of the protective hood. Here, as with all other components, the latest safety recommendations have been taken into account.

Drive to save: E-drives and pneumatics

Energy-saving servo drives supply the extrusion unit, the shifting and closing movement, and the calibration. The associated servodrives from Beckhoff always correspond to the latest generation and enable economical production by optimally adapting the energy consumption to the utilization of the machine. The pneumatics control the functions blowing, cooling, transporting. Punching and ejection with proven, sophisticated elements. The standard pneumatic valves are arranged on a central base plate for easy servicing.

Control cabinet & control system:

The electrical control cabinet is vibration damped, easily accessible and service-friendly mounted on the machine. The programmable logic controller with front panel meets the highest demands for reproducibility, simply, safely and clearly. It allows individual input of all set values for the motion sequence, heating and wall thickness control, and the integrated bottle tester. An internal background memory facilitates setpoint optimization. All entries and fault messages are displayed in plain text. The warning and monitoring systems included in the basic equipment control the entire machine sequence. In the basic version, four authorization levels protect against unauthorized inputs; personalized login can also be enabled as an option. Inputs and all fault messages are recorded for process tracing. For easy operation, two monitor sizes are available depending on the machine type. The color 12 and 21 inch touch panels are directly connected to the Windows based modular control system. Any number of setpoint records can be stored on an internal memory or conveniently on an external memory via a USB socket. This shortens changeover times, especially for small batch sizes, and increases cost-effectiveness. All common languages can be switched easily and quickly. Preparation for online service is a matter of course for us and easily possible by means of pre-installed software.

If you want more: Our accessories

  • The fully automatic production of wide-necked containers is carried out by circular cutters with optional electrically or pneumatically operated revolving knife for removing the lost head outside the mold in the trimming station, whereby horizontal or vertical cutting is possible.
  • The fully integrated bottle tester is used for leak testing and neck inspection. This can optionally be extended by a neck passage test. Bad articles are thus not even transferred and fall directly onto the slug waste conveyor. Since 100% tested bottles are transported out of the machine, complaints about leaking bottles at the end customer are a thing of the past.

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