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From health check to general overhaul


Health Check

We support our customers
in the rejuvenation of their HESTA machines.


Spares & Services

We effectively reduce any interruptions in production.


Express service

We maintain your machines on site, without much downtime.



Turn old into new.


HESTA Health Check

We support our customers in rejuvenating their HESTA machines.

Your situation

They have a blow molding machine park that has been built over many years.

They are unhappy about increasing downtime.

You need additional capacity on the existing machines.

Your machine operators complain about the insufficient machine condition.

They do not have the qualified maintenance experts.

Our offer
  • Our specialists profoundly analyze the condition of your machines.

  • We have a checklist tailored to your machinery.

  • We show you what you need to do machine by machine.

  • Our "rejuvenation cure" includes a clearly structured revision program = an all-encompassing and detailed package.


HESTA Spares & Services

We effectively reduce any interruptions in production.

Your situation

You have an increasing number
of business interruptions.
Your interruption times are too high.

The availability of spare parts
is poor, despite high capital commitment. Procurement times are far too long.

Our offer
  • We will work out a spare parts service concept with you. For a large part of your wear parts, we will set up a targeted stockpiling at HESTA. Our declared goal is to supply you within 2 days.
    Through our newly established hotline we are available for you 14 hours. Our service field service can support you either
    by remote or on-site support at short notice.



HESTA Express Services

We maintain your machines on site, without much downtime.

Your situation

Your machine needs to be overhauled/repaired. You can not spare your machine for a long time.

Time is money!

Our offer
  • Electrics/electronics:
    Hardware and software - update/upgrade

  • Safety package: Electrical/mechanical
    Safety CE qualification

  • Conversion drives:
    a. Wall thickness control to proportional control b. Extruder drive electric
    c. Clamping unit to proportional control, etc.

  • Standard overhaul for assemblies (wear parts):
    Clamping unit, cross transport, calibration unit, hydraulic components, pneumatic components

  • Version improvements


HESTA Retrofit

Old makes new.

Your situation

You are faced with the choice of buying a new machine or refurbishing the "old" one.

The old machine is not yet at the end of its useful life.

They have a number of the same machines - with a new one, their standardization and learning effect is eliminated.

Our offer
  • After the health check has been discussed, we will bring your machine
    to our factory for a general overhaul.
    We estimate the scope and the required effort beforehand. Any unexpected additional work will be discussed with you in detail after the initial overhaul/dismantling and the final cost will be quantified.

  • You will receive your machine back at the latest level and we provide a warranty
    of one year.

Voice Of The Customer

From the small hidden champion to the multinational - we offer suitable solutions for all our customers.
We address your needs individually and deliver an optimal solution for you and your end customers. 

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